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Candidate Experience Technology Used By Capco To Connect With Scarce Skills Talent

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Innovation lies at the heart of everything global business and technology consultancy, Capco do.

So, to tackle the complex challenges of today’s competitive candidate-driven market, particularly attracting and engaging with scarce skills candidates, Capco needed an innovative solution and so implemented Meet & Engage Candidate Experience technology.

Unicorn candidates’ are extremely valuable to organisations like Capco. However, attracting and engaging with niche talent groups is becoming increasingly difficult.

That’s why Capco integrated our live chat event technology across their recruitment process, helping to develop it into something highly engaging that provides real insight into the company’s culture and values – everything they needed to better engage with niche skills candidates.

Capco have focused on peer engagement themes – one event was run by senior members of Capco’s technical team and another by employees working within Private Banking.

Utilising the Meet & Engage platform, Capco were able to share a range of content from in-chat polls, videos and documents.

They also encouraged insightful and engaging discussions between employees and participants where participants shared their views on the industry and new technologies, such as Blockchain.

The Capco employees were able to share the business perspective on industry trends and challenges whilst promoting the innovative and challenging work they undertake.

“very informative and open sharing of the nature of Capco” – Chat Participant

“It’s been very interesting to hear everyone’s views” – Chat Participant

Unlike previous chat events, the chats were not recruitment focused, instead they were an opportunity to share knowledge and learn from like-minded individuals.

This demonstrates Capco’s solid understanding of candidates’ expectations to receive something valuable in return for their precious time and effort.

As a result, the chats helped to shape participants’ perceptions of the brand whilst delivering an engaging and positive candidate experience – evidenced by the 100% positive feedback from participants across both above-mentioned chats.

Through regular live chat events, Capco has been able to better understand how these niche skills candidates think and keep them engaged throughout their recruitment journey.

One chat participant utilised the events to gain a deeper insight into Capco as a business prior to their interview the following day.

The ability to create an exceptional candidate experience whilst communicating in real-time with participants has been invaluable to Capco and preserving its position as an industry leader.

Our clients continue to astound us with the innovative ways they utilise our technology throughout their recruitment processes to develop deeper, more meaningful connections with their candidates.

If you’d like to find out more about the Meet & Engage platform and how our live chat event technology can help you to differentiate in a competitive market, feel free to contact me at

Read more about how Capco use the Meet & Engage platform in our case study

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