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New Ways To Enhance Senior Talent Recruitment

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Nowadays, in a very competitive job market, hiring experienced talent with the skills you’re looking for, is getting trickier by the day. Particularly if you’re hiring in an area of skill shortage, for example, technology.

According to Lee Biggins, Managing Director of the UK’s largest job board CV Library, (2019), the biggest challenges facing the recruitment market include a lack of people with relevant skills, difficulty in targeting passive candidates and, lack of time and resources to search for the right candidates – all of which make engagement difficult.

Faced with these hiring challenges, we’re seeing our clients using our Live Chat platform in creative ways to enhance their chances of finding, attracting and engaging senior talent. Here are five of the best:

1.    Create and nurture your talent pipelines

Our client, one of the biggest technology consultancy firms in the country, wanted to give prospective candidates a different way to engage with the business.

Using our Live Chat Technology, our client invites all interested to join a chat with senior managers from across the business – all before they choose to apply.

The company hosts regular chats on different topics such as new trends in the tech market and financial services, allowing potential candidates to find out more about what’s happening in the market they’re interested in working in.

The outcomes include Net Promoter scores (NPS) of +80 and a pipeline of engaged tech talent.

2.    Get creative – involve the business

It’s clear that the experience during the recruitment process impacts a candidate’s decision to join you or not.  

According to research from Mattersight, 80% of candidates will choose one job offer over another based on the relationships they formed as part of the recruitment journey. Which just shows how important it is to give your candidates the best experience possible; and giving candidates access to your people is a great way to do just that.

One of our public sector clients ran a campaign for the position of Chief Crown Prosecutor.

All candidates interested in applying were invited to chat with Deputy Chief Crown Prosecutors and Head of Legal services about the role.

Live Chat sessions gave candidates a chance to understand more about the roles, clarify any concerns and hear from the people doing the job. It was a great success highlighted by an NPS score of 100.

3.    Engage with your returners

Technology services and Digital Transformation consultancy, Capgemini are using our platform to engage those returning to work after an extended career break.

Capgemini recognised that having a long break from work can significantly affect confidence levels and so, the company launched Return@Capgemini Live Group Chat sessions. It was an online chat aimed at making it easier for potential candidates to bring their questions about the Returners programme.

The sessions were hosted by existing team member Sara, who had recently returned to work following a break.

Two sessions were hosted and had a total of 63 registrants. Using our live polling option where 1 marks least confident and 10 very confident, participants initially ranked their confidence about returning to work from 1-5, by the end of the session this changed significantly to 5-10.

4.    Candidates = customers

Treat your candidates like customers. In today’s’ world we expect to get the answers we want, when we want them.

Giving candidates a way to reach you easily, is one of the keys to providing the very best Candidate Experience. You can read more about candidates’ consumer expectations in Nicola’s blog.

Our Chatbot Technology means our clients can respond 24/7. And blended with live 1-2-1 chat, you can be offering a consumer-grade experience.

Our client, one of the big 4 consultancy firms, has introduced 1-2-1 chat as a ‘Recruiter Helpdesk’.

The chat is opened daily and candidates have the opportunity to ask the recruitment team any questions they may have. As well as being responsive to candidate queries, they have been able to refocus their energies on improving other parts of the recruitment journey rather than fielding the queries inbox.

5. Give the inside track

Your roles may be similar to others, but your culture is unique.

Our clients are using Live Chat sessions to lift the lid on their organisation – the opportunities, the culture and what differentiates them – it’s a great way to stand out from the crowd of employers targeting the talent you need.

Amazon recently ran a series of chats aimed at demystifying their culture and cementing their engagement with prospective candidates.

Using our Live Streaming technology, recruiters were joined by the likes of Brigitte Ricou-Bell, Director of Entertainment Media and Darren Hardy, Kindle Direct Publishing Manager who discussed their experience working with Amazon and how they’ve been able to ‘Bring their Voice’.

Live Chat Technology is not solely for Gen Z. It can be used in a variety of ways and best of all, it can be tailored to suit your role and your candidates.

If you’d like to find out more about Meet & Engage Candidate Experience Technology, including Live Chat and Chatbots, get in touch with me at or if you’d like to see our technology for yourself, book a demo.

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