Meet & Engage


Senior Node.js Back-end web developer

Digital Marketing Manager


Meet & Engage is a fast-moving tech business operating in the recruitment sector. Our core product is an award-winning chat technology used by recruitment teams in large corporate businesses, like EY, HSBC, Deloitte and Amazon. 

We have a small but growing team of people throughout Europe, based remotely. Our clients are primarily UK-based, but we are starting to deliver solutions to clients in Australasia and the Middle East. We work hard to deliver an excellent customer experience and our team of consultants understand the market and our client base.

Our technology

Our platform provides real-time, group or one-to-one moderated text-based chat and chatbots, either hosted by us or embedded into the customer’s website using our plugin code.  We provide the ability to use webinar-like functionality such as sharing images, video and polls as well as livestreaming. We have recently developed a user experience platform which is revolutionary in the industry and a plan for the continued development of our products.

Our customers use our platform to engage with candidates and applicants at various stages of their recruitment process – offering people the ability to see what a company is like before joining; providing a helpdesk to answers questions about their application, etc.

We then offer various APIs to our customers, to schedule and manage planned events; embed chat onto their own website; extract data gathered on the platform.


We are looking for someone to join our expanding development team specifically in a Back-End role. This is a key role within our expanding development team, and you will be responsible for owning and delivering items within the current technical roadmap. To do this you need strong JavaScript fluency with ES6+ in Node.JS; an understanding or appreciation of the nuances of real-time comms, and a good grasp of using Node to build scalable, low latency applications.  


  • The role reports to the Technical Director with day-to-day oversight by the Tech Lead.
  • You’ll work with the CTO, Technical Director, the existing back and front-end teams, and designers to build out the Meet & Engage product set, with a focus on back-end web server application development
  • There are varied development responsibilities, spanning real-time comms (text, voice and video); web application development; working with NoSQL databases; SQL databases; RESTful APIs; MI, reporting, and a host of new technologies as we continue our product development roadmap
  • Suggest improvements and efficiencies in our products
  • Feed into, and influence, the product roadmap
  • Maintenance and troubleshooting of existing code
  • Creating and maintaining unit tests
  • Provide the business with customer support of issues and bug resolution when escalated from first line support

The platform is built with the following:

  • Node.js
    • Key modules: Express.js, ws, Passport 
  • LevelDB
  • PhantomJS for PDF generation, dynamic image rasterization 
  • Client-side React, JavaScript, CSS, HTML
  • jQuery
  • RabbitMQ

We also use the following as part of our wider hosting/platform environment:

  • HAproxy load balancing
  • NGINX reverse proxy / caching; static asset serving; CDN
  • FFmpeg for RTMP to HLS conversion

About you. You will need to be:-


  • Careful, with an attention to detail and an eye for potential issues and errors
  • In-depth Node.js and JavaScript / ECMAScript 6+ knowledge
  • Proven track record or portfolio of work, ideally in a real-time comms setting
  • Have experience in design and implementation of low-latency, scalable applications
  • 5+ years software development experience in industry
  • Bachelors / Master’s degree in computer science or similar technical subject, and/or demonstrable commercial development experience.
  • Knowledge and familiarity with:
    • Mocha
    • Express 
    • Git
    • NoSQL databases (e.g LevelDB)
  • Proficiency in technical communication (written and verbal English)
  • Happy to work collaboratively with design and development teams

Desirable – Knowledge of:

  • WebRTC
  • Machine Learning, AI

If you’re interested in this role please send your resume to: