– Lyndsay Holland, Talent Pipeline Manager, Morrisons

We have used the platform for real-time candidate engagement for our graduate programme.

We have a new process including a situational judgement tool, designed in collaboration with our current graduates and we’re using chat to help candidates understand more about this. We’ve also made some changes to our schemes so use the forum as a Q&A, helping them to understand more about us and supporting them through the decision making process.

The chat technology reflects our brand and we worked closely with our creative recruitment partner Sparks to include other interesting content, like video. Amberjack manage our process and candidate experience and have been instrumental in managing the chat process and ensuring we have the right audience on each chat. The Meet & Engage team, who design and manage the technology have worked seamlessly with all of us. A great team effort!




For those students who signed up for the postgraduate live chat, 33% converted to join the open event which is awesome for this audience.

Lesley Southgate

Social Media Officer


What Our Clients Say

The chat opened up a new communication channel for our candidates with thousands of unique users, a contributing factor to improved Team Responsiveness ratings in our candidate experience surveys.

Joe Mongon

Virgin Media Operations Manager, TMP