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Recruitment Process Nurture - Open Demo
16th August @ 12 Noon (UK time) for 45 mins


Keep candidates connected with your brand throughout the hiring journey, drive engagement and reduce drop-out rate with Recruitment Process Nurture

Join us for this open demo to learn how our Recruitment Process Nurture solution, can help you solve a variety of candidate experience and engagement challenges throughout the hiring journey.

In this informal session, we’ll break down the technology behind our latest solution, Recruitment Process Nurture, and reveal how you can use it to keep candidates connected to your brand, reduce dropouts and drive engagement.

We’ll share typical use cases, demonstrate the look, features and purpose of Recruitment Process Nurture as well as share examples of clients already benefitting from this technology.

Drop into the open demo to find out more!
The demo is taking place on the 16th August at midday (12:00 UK)

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