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Inspiring and Nurturing – The Challenge for Employers in 2021

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I describe the Meet & Engage team as professionally nosey. 2020 gave us an opportunity to work with our employer clients more closely than ever before as they moved through rapid and unexpected change. It really gave us a window into their professional challenges (and probably their personal ones too!). Let’s be honest – we’ve all been on one of those Zoom calls. 

There are many observations we can make about the market and how it’s fundamentally changed, but to reflect on a few:


Employer brand is key – candidates are now more discerning than ever before

Our employer clients operate in different industries around the world, but one thing unites them all – their target audiences are becoming more and more discerning. These individuals certainly won’t judge a book by its cover – they want to know who you are and what you stand for.

Employers must be prepared to answer questions like… How did you work as a team when the chips were down? When you say your culture is inclusive, what do you mean? How can you evidence it? You say you care about the environment – can you prove it to me? 

At Meet & Engage, our instinct was to hold our colleagues close to us during the toughest times. To treat people with empathy and kindness. To create a Belonging strategy and be more accountable. As a result, we have a team of committed and passionate Engagers who are excited to tell others about their experiences as part of our team. 

That’s the magic you want to share with your candidates. It’s a peer review, it’s social proof.


The search for new and authentic ways to connect with talent

In our brave new world, employers need to find innovative ways to connect internal teams with external audiences so you can build authentic relationships – on their terms

Additionally, employers need to find a way to stand out amongst the increased ‘digital noise’ we’re all experiencing. 

We all know relationships need work, thought and effort. The relationships you create with your audiences as they move through a consideration funnel are more important than ever. However, many of the employers we work with are now challenged with shrinking teams. We all need to find smarter ways of doing more with less.  


Introducing Inspire & Nurture

With this in mind, we’ve developed a new product – Inspire & Nurture – to solve some of the evolving challenges our landscape has delivered. 

Inspire & Nurture is a suite of live virtual events and automated talent nurture comms. 

It was born from an intimate understanding of the very real challenges our clients face, as well as our connectedness to the market and our desire to constantly innovate. It packages up fully-branded live virtual events with an automated social network style nurture journey that takes place over a defined timeframe. 

We believe we’ve developed something that provides the slick digital journey that candidates expect but with the Meet & Engage hands-on, strategic approach. For clients, this means a fully-concierged service from start to finish. 

As the events of the past 12 months have shown, we need to stay agile to change and ready to adapt to new situations and circumstances. 

Whether you’re looking to hire recent graduates or engage a niche talent audience, Inspire & Nurture will help you connect with the people that matter most – in the moment it matters. 


Find out more by requesting a complimentary demo with one of our client partners.

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