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Why the hiring journey can be the perfect place to create employer brand advocacy

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Reminding yourself that your candidates are digital-savvy consumers in all other aspects of their lives, can be a super-useful lens through which to evaluate your hiring journey and the experience it delivers to your potential hires. As can the data showing how candidates are behaving and performing during the journey. For example, what stage are you seeing most drop-out? And from what groups in particular?

Truth is, our candidates expect a helpful, personal and frictionless experience. They are expecting relevant and super-useful information. They’re curious, demanding and impatient. Their online behaviour is now far less the predictable daily online sessions and now much more a rapid series of fragmented interactions – or micro-moments – in the main using their smart phone.

A micro-moment occurs when you automatically turn to your device to act on a need to learn something, do something, discover something, watch something, buy something or apply for something. They are moments when you’re most full of intent, it’s when your decisions are made and your preferences shaped.

With this mind, how can you create a series of micro-moments for your candidates to engage and empower them throughout the hiring journey. How can you ensure that whether a candidate joins you or not, they get value from their time in your hiring journey?  

And then there’s levelling the playing field; ensuring all candidates have the chance to be their best selves during the multiple stages of your hiring journey. From the neurodiverse who may benefit from information being delivered in a different format to those who’ve not had the access and practice when it comes to online tests and virtual assessment centres for example. 

So, why does this matter? It’s not just the mid-journey attrition which is a challenge. According to a recent study by TalenTeam candidates who are happy with their hiring experience are 38% more likely to accept the offer. That’s critical in today’s competitive market. And an IBM study found applicants who are pleased with their recruiting experience are 34% more likely to promote the company to others. That’s brand advocacy right there.

The hiring journey is also the ideal time to continue lifting the lid on your culture and values. We know Gen Z in particular are making decisions based on more social and personal benefits.They’re keen to find a match to their values and beliefs. And get a sense of how employers can add value from both a guidance and well-being perspective.

So, in short, the recruitment journey is an opportunity. An opportunity to add value, create brand advocacy and differentiate your brand in a crowded and competitive market place.

With this in mind, we’ve built our Recruitment Process Nurture product. From the moment they apply to accepting an offer, our technology serves an automated, social-style blend of content to help nurture the candidate through your multi-stage recruitment process.

Clients with long recruitment processes, who have implemented our Recruitment Process Nurture product to address these challenges, are finding that candidates consistently give great feedback on the social-style interface and find it easy to navigate.

Candidates are 41% more likely to stay active in the process and, across the various assessment stages, 91% of candidates said that the content shared meant that they felt more confident for each stage. One client, who coupled Recruitment Process Nurture with a regular series of virtual group engagement livestreams, found that candidates were over 21% more likely to pass the behavioural styles test, having joined an event. The candidate comments speak for themselves:

So far, there’s been so much support to get through each stage.”

The process so far has been easy to follow. The [Recruitment Process Nurture] system allows you to process the information at your own pace. Listening to the stories of the employees was encouraging and useful. Thank you

“Amazing information absorbed during the live stream and great vibe.”

“The level of supporting content I’ve had access to at this early stage in application is very encouraging and shows me that my potential role is valued and wanted.”

About Meet & Engage

Meet & Engage is platform to inspire, influence and inform candidates, helping them to navigate the recruitment process. Our products build confidence through connection and engagement.

  • Inspire & Nurture – a suite of virtual live events and automated talent nurture – great for the attraction phase of the recruitment journey
  • Recruitment Process Nurture – excite and support candidates from the point of application and onwards – all delivered through a fully automated social-style interface
  • Timeline for Onboarding – social-media style onboarding portal that lets you create personalised nurture journeys to keep offered candidates engaged.

If this is a subject you’re interested in, we would love to talk more about how businesses such as Rolls-Royce, Diageo and EY are using our candidate engagement platform to support candidates and reduce drop-out rates. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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