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Live Chat Messaging

What is Live Chat ?

If you’re in recruitment, employer branding or candidate experience and looking for innovative ways to attract talent, our Live Chat Messaging platform is a powerful, convenient way to connect with potential hires.

Specifically designed for talent acquisition, Meet & Engage Live Chat turns your best people into employer brand ambassadors and lets you share your story with more of the candidates you want to reach.

Candidate Chat That Really Connects
  • Candidates can easily join your session from any location on any device
  • Instantly invite colleagues to join a live chat – your people are your best ambassadors
  • Personalise group chat sessions with polls, video and live streaming
Employer Brand Insight and Candidate Experience Data
  • Re-purpose live chat content into video snippets, blog material and more
  • Get insight on your candidate experience via live polls and Net Promoter Score (NPS) data
  • Get access to regular custom reports
  • Simple and easy to access data

Officially ISO Certified

We take data security seriously and the measures we have in place to ensure that any private information is secured under lock and key has earned us the official ISO 27001 Certification.

Discover what Live Chat can do for you

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