Meet & Engage


Sarah Brown

Client Operations Director

The Short

Sarah has worked in the recruitment communications business for more than 20 years, forging lasting relationships with clients that are built on robust and effective recruitment solutions. With experience managing projects across the recruitment mix, Sarah understands the importance of employee engagement at every touchpoint – specifically how this can streamline the process for employer and candidate alike. At Meet & Engage, she ensures client care by implementing the best possible processes and resources to ensure clients effectively – and enjoyably – engage with our technology.

The Long

It’s amazing how serendipitous my introduction to Meet & Engage was only a year into their launching. Ali was looking for someone based in the South West and a mutual friend mentioned my name. I was at the end of a stint freelancing as an Account Director and looking for my next move. I can clearly remember that initial conversation with Ali where she talked about the Live Chat technology and thinking I could easily see my clients getting excited about how they could use it to engage with their candidates more effectively. The rest, as they say, is history!

I love seeing how our clients use our technology but also how their participants engage with it, particularly when you know full well that had the event been in person, in a room full of people, many wouldn’t have had the confidence to put their hand up to ask a question. It can provide a safe environment to participate in a conversation that they otherwise wouldn’t have felt able to do. That lack of confidence to raise your hand is particularly relevant to many of the audiences our clients are actively trying to recruit, so there is a real sense that we’re facilitating their progression even if only in a small way.

Meet & Engage has always been supportive of the fact I’m a working mum of youngish kids and know first-hand the challenges of trying to fit work in around childcare (especially when curve balls are thrown to disrupt the carefully planned schedule!). I feel really lucky to work for and with people who have the same set of values and principals as I do, and I can genuinely say I enjoy what I do!