Meet & Engage


Recruiting technology to hire diverse audiences

Today, employers are pulling out all the stops to attract the very best candidates – so how do organisations start to compete?  The Meet & Engage platform can help you to inspire, influence and inform candidates, enabling them to navigate the recruitment process.

With our suite of recruiting technology, you can run live virtual events to attract diverse talent and drop candidates into personalised online nurture flows. Turn existing employees into brand advocates, support candidates at key stages in the hiring journey and create a stand-out candidate experience. 

See how the Rolls-Royce team achieved excellent results using the Meet & Engage technology:

How we can help you create social impact in the hiring process

How Meet & Engage can support your DEI objectives

Outreach, attraction and interaction

How do I democratise access to my brand through live virtual events?

Inspire & Nurture

A programme of virtual events, social-style nurture journeys and branded pre- and post-event comms that can help you attract talent from diverse backgrounds. Broaden your reach and stay in touch with candidates until they're ready to apply.
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In process candidate engagement

How do I ensure diverse candidates feel connected and supported during the hiring journey?

Solution: Recruitment Process Nurture

Build confidence during the assessment and selection process with our branded social style nurture journeys. Keep talent engaged and connected with the brand while providing support at key stages in the hiring process, from application to offer/decline.
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Candidate FAQs & Support

How do I support diverse candidates by answering hiring questions pertaining to gender, race, religion, sexuality and more?

Chatbot and/or 1-2-1 Live Chat

1-2-1 Recruiter chat gives your candidates a smoother experience and reduces unnecessary work for your team.
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Post-Offer Onboarding

How do I successfully onboard new hires?

Timeline for Onboarding

Build, customise and automate a personalised onboarding journey -- from verbal offer to day one and beyond. Reduce drop outs, connect candidates with relevant Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) and bring your employer brand to life through a world-class onboarding experience.
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Discover what Meet & Engage can do for you

If you’re looking to attract, empower and nurture diverse candidates online, then our suite of recruiting technology is here to help.

We’re also big believers in building a more diverse and equitable future for people from all backgrounds, which is why our tech stack can help facilitate stronger representation across all new hire groups.

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