Meet & Engage

Employer Brand

Recruitment technology for employer brand leaders

As organisations compete to attract and retain top talent, building a strong employer brand and designing a powerful end-to-end candidate experience has never been more important.

The Meet & Engage platform can help you to inspire, influence and inform candidates, enabling them to navigate the recruitment process, all with a focus on your employer brand.

How we can help you – from virtual hiring events to talent nurture flows

How Meet & Engage can support your objectives

Early engagement, outreach & attraction

How do I use employer brand and recruitment marketing content to attract the right talent?

Inspire & Nurture

Bring your employer brand to life with a suite of live virtual events and social-style nurture journeys. Showcase your best content, connect with diverse audiences and turn employees into brand advocates.
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In process candidate engagement

How can I continue to immerse candidates in our employer brand during the hiring journey?

Solution: Recruitment Process Nurture

Build confidence during the assessment and selection process with our branded social style nurture journeys. Keep talent engaged and connected with the brand while providing support at key stages in the hiring process, from application to offer/decline.
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Candidate FAQs & Support

How do I ensure my candidates have the information they need when they need it?

Chatbot and/or 1-2-1 Live Chat

Give candidates 24/7 support with our blend of chatbots and 1-2-1 chat. Reduce pressure on your teams, manage high volume roles and elevate your employer brand.
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Post-Offer Onboarding

How can my employer brand help onboard talent?

Timeline for Onboarding

Our onboarding technology is fully automated and customisable, so you can share great content, get candidates work ready, reduce drop outs and bring your employer brand to life.
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Discover what Meet & Engage can do for you

Our suite of recruiting technology is designed to help you attract, empower and nurture talent online.

We’re also big believers in building a more diverse and equitable future for people from all backgrounds, which is why our tech stack can help facilitate stronger representation across all new hire groups.

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