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ISE Roundtable: Getting Onboarding Right

It’s no surprise that when employees are nurtured through the recruitment and onboarding process, renege rates reduce. Yet still, a 2020 global survey by Gallup reported that 88% of employees thought that their employer did a poor job with the onboarding process.

Hear from Stephen Isherwood who is joined by Jayde Savage, Group Emerging Talent Global Selection Lead at HSBC Bank and Nicola Sullivan, Solutions Director at Meet & Engage as they discuss the power of positive onboarding and how to get it right.

They’ll be covering:

  • What early talent need and want from onboarding
  • How HSBC onboarded their global cohort this year
  • What ‘going virtual’ bought to the mix
  • The future of onboarding as we move to hybrid work

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