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Work readiness and time to value: the new measures of success in early talent hiring

Solutions Director Nicola Sullivan is joined by Jane Eccles, Senior Manager, Early Careers & Campus at AMS, for this unmissable masterclass exploring an essential aspect of early careers hiring in 2024!

Work readiness and time to value are two priorities that are now at the forefront of early talent professionals’ minds. Not least because hiring managers are feeding back that cohorts of early talent are joining their businesses lacking essential skills to hit the ground running. There’s no doubt the pandemic-enforced virtual nature of many young peoples’ experiences in the past few years has had a lasting impact; the lack of onsite work experience, traditional retail or hospitality based part-time work and even face-to-face socialising has stymied opportunities for growth.

In this masterclass we’ll be discussing whether our expectations are realistic when it comes to aspects like business etiquette – do we need to move towards Gen Z’s expectations as they become 25% of the workplace by 2025?

We’ll also be covering:

  • Work readiness is the new measure of success for early talent recruiters – as well as being a differentiator when it comes to competition for talent. How do you bake work readiness into your hiring and onboarding journey?
  • What benefits are there for your early talent?
  • What ROI can you expect from improving work readiness and time to value?
  • What can you do to get started on this journey?
  • What role do the business and hiring managers have when it comes to work readiness?
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