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Work readiness and time to value: the new measures of success in early talent hiring

Work readiness is the new measure of success for early talent recruiters – as well as being a differentiator when it comes to competition for talent.

But how do you bake work readiness into your hiring and onboarding journey?

We’re continuing our work readiness webinar series with a masterclass focused on the practicalities of introducing work readiness content into your hiring journeys.

Solutions Director Nicola Sullivan will be exploring the key work readiness challenges for Early Careers teams in 2024, and how you can begin upskilling and building confidence at every stage of the recruitment process.

We’ll discuss:

  • Embedding learning and confidence-building into the content you share with candidates at every stage of the hiring journey
  • The benefits of investing in upskilling for your early talent
  • The ROI and business case for improving work readiness and time to value
  • The role of business and hiring managers in ensuring candidates are prepared to succeed

Join us for this bitesize, 30-minute session. With the chance to see our technology in action and the opportunity to get your work readiness questions answered, you will leave this practical masterclass with insights and ideas to implement in your own processes.

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