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What are Recruitment Chatbots?

Who’s talking to your prospective hires when you’re not online? What if your ideal candidates are looking for opportunities when your recruitment team is out of the office?

To help HR teams solve those challenges, Meet & Engage have created a family of candidate experience chatbots, each equipped to deliver great candidate experience at different stages of your recruitment process. The beauty of using a chatbot for recruitment is that it talks to candidates when you can’t, delivering consistent, on-brand support, 24/7.

A chatbot is only as good as the information you supply. That’s where our recruitment know-how comes in. We can work with you to programme your bot so that it follows even the most complex of recruitment processes. And you can use our intuitive drag-and-drop interface to tailor tasks and tweak responses.

Either way, you’ll soon have a recruitment chatbot that’s well briefed, on-brand and provides candidate experience feedback in real-time.

Careers Site Bot
  • Add to key pages of your careers site
  • Share information and role requirements in an engaging way that's tailored to your brand
  • Available 24/7 – option to switch to live 1-2-1 chat if there's a recruiter free
Apply FAQ Bot
    • Sits in your ATS 24/7 helping candidates when you can’t
    • Nurture your candidates and help them navigate the application process
    • Option to switch to live 1-2-1 chat when there’s a recruiter available
    • Real-time candidate experience data available to recruiters
Screening Bot
  • Automatically send your Screening Bot to candidates as soon as they complete an online application
  • Keep the assessment process moving forward, outside office hours
  • Inject data into your ATS to move candidates to the next stage of the process
  • Give time back to recruiters to add value
Keep Warm Bot
  • Sits in your ATS to support and nurture your candidates
  • Real-time candidate experience data available to recruiters
  • Option to switch to live 1-2-1 chat when there’s a recruiter available

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We take data security seriously and the measures we have in place to ensure that any private information is secured under lock and key has earned us the official ISO 27001 Certification.

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