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Plugin API

We provide a Plugin API which is designed to allow the integration of the Meet & Engage platform into client websites. Using the Plugin API you can programmatically access the feed of upcoming events and their current status (such as open, set to ‘lobby’ etc.) and content for the customised content surfaces (Entry and Exit Lobby, Custom Registration copy etc.).

Using these tools it is possible to embed the participant-facing chat platform into existing websites to more closely match the surrounding design.

Get in touch via your client partner if you need to discuss the plugin API in more detail.

Advanced Plugin


Drop-in Chat Plugin (1-2-1)

Embed traditional one-to-one chat into your website with a copy and paste widget
If you need to embed a one-to-one chat interface into your own website without the level of customisation offered by the full Plugin API, this is for you:

Drop-in Plugin


Rest API

Access data post-event
These methods provide a read-only mechanism to data held on the Meet & Engage platform pertaining to Events and Participants.

GET organisation_data resource
As part of your Control Panel, the ‘Data’ page allows you to export CSV-format data from all events falling between chosen dates. By default, we provide access to a predefined and verbose ‘advanced raw data’ download, which exports the majority of information captured by the system. In some cases it is necessary to carry out some additional computation in order to arrive at a particular piece of MI data based on this, and we provide custom methods designed to do some of that processing before spitting out a more informative download. All data formats are automatically exposed via the organisation_data method as JSON representations of the same data.

Organisation Data

Provision and manage events
These methods allow creation, update and deletion of chat events.

Scheduling API


Single-Sign-On / SSO (Participant)

A straightforward mechanism exists to allow SSO for participants.

Participant SSO


Moderator Notification Plugin

Receive notifications about 121 chats.

Moderator Notification Plugin