Meet & Engage

Timeline Case Study

The Background

Our client is one of the world’s largest banking and financial services organisations with more than 40 million customers and 226,000 employees worldwide. The company has a network that operates in more than 64 countries and territories. 

Its Global Graduate & Intern programme is split across eight markets, covering distinct business streams such as Global Banking and Markets, Commercial, Wealth and Personal Banking, Operations and Tech Services. 

The Challenge

For a large multinational with an extensive early careers intake, onboarding global graduates in the middle of a pandemic sounds like a challenging task.

With more than 160 recruiters working across 30 different countries and territories, this bank needed the right tools and technology to meet its talent acquisition goals.

One of the key challenges stemmed from the length of time between initial acceptance and the global inductions, which spanned more than 6 months. This gap raised a serious risk of reneges, with new hires having ample time to receive alternative offers or make different arrangements.

Previously, there had been a Facebook group for onboarding, but this was not consistently used across the business, nor was it possible to automate content or track data in sufficient detail. 

The organisation wanted to reduce the level of reneges in its Global Graduate & Intern programme and simultaneously increase the level of engagement, which would ensure that graduates and interns were prepared and excited to join ahead of day one. 

To make this possible, the company needed an engaging, coherent and ongoing automated onboarding process that would allow them to serve relevant, regular content to their entire early careers intake – regardless of where they were located or which programme they were joining. 

The Solution

To overcome this, the business made an important decision to build and implement an entirely digital onboarding journey.

Powered by Meet & Engage’s Timeline solution, this social-style onboarding platform helped the bank reduce reneges, increase engagement across geographies and prepare 1,300+ new hires for the Global Graduate Induction.

First, Meet & Engage helped the business create two global Timeline flows to cover the Graduate and Intern audiences. We worked alongside the organisation to pre-populate Timeline with a variety of relevant and engaging content. 

In addition, we ran a number of ‘live chat’ virtual events, which covered topics from “Financial Wellbeing” through to “ERGs” and a “Meet the Grads” event. These live events allowed the organisation to provide new insights and relevant information for new starters during the 6-month gap between the acceptance and start date. 

To benchmark performance, Meet & Engage tracked engagement with different types of content and conducted sentiment analysis using surveys and feedback faces. Registration for the platform was initially made voluntary, to gauge popularity and understand how much demand Graduates and Interns had for the information that Timeline provides. 

Uptake has been extremely impressive. Of the 1,298 candidates that have so far been added to Timeline, 85% have registered and 67% did so within 24 hours. There has been an overall positive feedback score of 91%, which users can provide by easily selecting the relevant smiley face option. 

Want to see Timeline in action?

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