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Candidate Experience 2021

Join Ali Hackett from Meet & Engage and a panel of industry experts to discuss what Candidate Experience means in 2021. If you’re a talent acquisition or employer brand professional, this pacey format gives you three expert views, each with a different lens of experience.

Each expert will answer:

  • What are the big challenges/ themes in the TA market for 2021?
  • What technology / approach can organisations use to overcome these challenges?
  • What are your top three recommendations / approaches for TA professionals in 2021?

Our panel includes Frances Trought, Founder of Everything D&IMatt Sharp – Employer Brand Manager at Amazon Consumer and Ellie Long – Early Careers Lead at Rolls-Royce.

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Your Hosts

Ali Hackett

Meet & Engage

Matt Sharp

Employer Brand Manager
Amazon Consumer

Frances Trought

Founder of Everything D&I (EDI)
Author of Brilliant Employability Skills

Ellie Long

Early Careers Lead at Rolls-Royce
Founder of HY Up Podcast

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