Meet & Engage

Early Careers

Recruitment technology for early careers leaders

It’s never been more competitive to attract the next generation of talent. Thankfully, our suite of live virtual hiring events and automated talent nurture comms can help you stay one step ahead.

Bring the campus recruitment experience to life in the digital world.

Our technology is carefully designed with the candidate in mind at every step, so you can attract and nurture students, graduates and young professionals through a personalised journey bespoke to your employer brand.

Whether you want to reach a wider network of candidates or encourage greater representation within your graduate hires, our recruiting technology enables you to democratise access to your brand.

Save time, amplify your employer brand and make your budget work harder for you.

How we can help you – from virtual hiring events to talent nurture flows

How Meet & Engage can support your objectives

Early engagement, outreach & attraction

How do I reach my target audience and their influencers?

Inspire & Nurture

A programme of virtual events with branded social-style nurture journeys designed to engage, empower and convert future talent. Broaden your reach, all while saving time, resource and budget.
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In process candidate engagement

How do I ensure my candidates feel confident and supported during the hiring journey?

Inspire & Nurture

Build confidence during the assessment and selection process with our suite of live events and branded social style nurture journeys. Keep talent engaged while providing support at key stages in the hiring process.
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Keep warm activity with pipeline and under-offer

How do I ensure my in-flight candidates are kept warm and engaged?

Inspire & Nurture

Build confidence during the assessment and Our virtual events and branded social-style nurture journeys allow you to stay connected with candidates and manage expectations. It's a smart way to answer queries, support candidates and reduce reneges.
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Candidate FAQs & Support

How do I ensure my candidates have access to the information they need when they need it?

Chatbot and/or 1-2-1 Live Chat

Blending chatbots and 1-2-1 chat can offer candidates the support they need 24/7, whilst also reducing the pressure om your teams.
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Pre/Onboarding Graduates

How do I successfully pre/onboard my future talent virtually?

Timeline for Onboarding

Build, customise and automate a personalised onboarding journey -- from verbal offer to day one and beyond. Provide talent with a world-class onboarding experience that reduces renege rates, gets candidates work ready and brings your employer brand to life.
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Discover what Meet & Engage can do for you

As experts in the early careers space, our suite of recruiting technology is designed to help you attract, empower and nurture talent online.

We’re also big believers in building a more diverse and equitable future for people from all backgrounds, so our tech stack can help create social impact in the hiring process.

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