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How Thames Water is Leading the Future of Virtual Onboarding

As organisations truly begin to adopt remote working, employers will need to find new strategies and solutions to onboard talent virtually.

Research has shown that employers with a strong onboarding process can improve new hire retention by 82%. But how can companies make this work in the digital space?

Meet & Engage’s Nicola Sullivan and Naomi Emefieh will sit down with Ben Gledhill, Head of Resourcing for the UK’s largest water company, Thames Water, to discuss how employers can design and implement a successful virtual onboarding strategy.

From his own virtual joining experience in early 2020 to the plans he has for the future of Thames Water’s onboarding programme, Ben, Nic and Naomi will discuss:

  • The plans for onboarding at Thames Water and the role of tech in those plans
  • How Meet & Engage is responding to the need for virtual onboarding
  • What is the role of tech in onboarding and the TA experience?
  • What positive lessons did we learn from 2020 when it comes to onboarding?

This webinar is an absolute must for any employer that wants to learn more about how to build and design a powerful virtual onboarding strategy.

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nicola sullivan

Nicola Sullivan

Solutions Director
Meet & Engage

Naomi Emefieh

Client Services Executive
Meet & Engage

Ben Gledhill

Head of Resourcing
Thames Water

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