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How-to Guide

I’m a participant trying to join a chat!

If you’re trying to join a chat event, please go to the account of the organisation hosting the chat, via the link shared with you. For running events, simply click the ‘Join Now’ button to join.

Using the platform

Using the platform is designed to be an intuitive process, but for the times when it isn’t, we’ve assembled a guide that details the key parts of the system and how to use them. Click on the headers listed to the right to navigate to the section you want to look at.

Most of the guide is aimed at existing customer support, so you may be required to logon (using the normal control panel logon method) to view this content. If you can’t logon – or your control panel logon has stopped working, please email our support team and we will investigate.

Don’t forget – if you’re still stuck, our support team is here to assist. Email us at


Looking for API documentation? Access our developer resources and learn about our REST API and Plugin APIs by clicking here.