Meet & Engage

How-to Guide

Hosting a 1-2-1 Event

At the scheduled start of the chat, moderators can enter the chat. Click on ‘Live Events’ on the menu in your Control Panel and you should see the event highlighted in green in the table of planned and running events.

In the example above, there is a group and 121 event happening concurrently. Click on ‘join’ on the 121 event shown in the table, or on the large ‘All Conversations’ button in the summary at the top. The latter is also displayed on the dashboard so it’s always within easy reach for moderators.

All 121 conversations are displayed in one interface, allowing you to hop between conversations quickly and without reloading the page. You’ll see in the view that appears that there are no conversations yet open in our example

The light grey bar with an upward arrow and ‘Application Q&A’ is a container for the current 121 event of the same name. If you ran multiple 121 events concurrently they would each be sorted in the same way. Clicking on this will minimise or expand the event if you wish to hide the entire event.

When a participant joins, a audible bell will sound and the conversation will appear on the list as shown

When you click on the conversation (shown in green to signify that the participant has made an update or said something new), the conversation is shown to the right hand side of the screen:

The following can be seen in this view:

  • The participant’s name and email address in the dark blue bar.
  • A currently green circle on the top left-hand side of the bar, overlaying the participant’s avatar, showing that the participant is currently online and looking at the conversation (this appears grey when they close the conversation). The welcome message you created when setting up the event (Scheduling a 121 event) is automatically at the top of the conversation.
  • An ‘Assign to me’ button. This lets you ‘claim’ the conversation – your avatar will appear on the conversation button on the left-hand bar to all moderators, as a simple way to show others that you’re dealing with the participant’s request. This is optional.
  • A ‘Confidential’ button. This lets you lock the conversation solely to your moderator account. No other moderators will be able to see the event either now or after it has finished.
  • A ‘Share’ button. Press this to send the participant an image or document as part of the conversation.
  • A ‘Tags’ button. Press this to add or edit tags for this conversation. Any number of tags can be applied to the conversation, and are then visible against conversations in the data / MI you can download.
  • A ‘Close Conversation’ button. This removes the conversation for all moderators. Use it to close conversations you have finished, rather than to ‘tidy’ other moderators conversations out of your view. When another participant opens the event, their conversation will also be shown on the list on the left-hand side.

(The avatar over the current conversation shows that I have ‘assigned’ the conversation to me.)

You can now click on the two (or more) conversations freely to jump between them. In this way it is possible to participate in several 121 conversations at the same time.

If you have set a limit to the number of simultaneous conversations and another person attempts to join, the following will be shown on the left-hand panel:

The number of participants waiting to join will be shown here. To admit the first person in the queue, click on this ‘Waiting participants’ button. Shortly, the user will be admitted and join the list of conversations.

When you have answered the participant’s questions and said goodbye, click ‘Close Conversation’. The conversation is removed from your view, as well as all other moderators. This allows you to keep your chat screen organised and manage the total number of concurrent conversations, but will re-open if the participant starts to ask questions again.

If you have set a limit on the number of simultaneous conversations and pressing ‘Close Conversation’ brings it down below the limit, the next queuing participant will be admitted automatically.

There is also the option to ‘Hard Close’ a conversation you can do this by clicking the drop down next to ‘Close Conversation’, this immediately forces the particpant to exit the lobby and if they rejoin the event they will be placed back in the queue if there is no available agent.

In order to report on the most common questions and topics covered during 121 events, the moderator can choose to ‘tag’ each conversation. These tags are arbitrary – just type the topic in as a tag and it will be remembered by the system.

Here, on another conversation, you can see that beginning to type the name of a previously use tag will cause it to be suggested by the system.

GDPR and Personal Information

All moderators on the Meet & Engage platform should be aware of their responsibilities under GDPR with regard to the collection and handling of personally identifiable information.

The ‘flag’ button shown below (visible when hovering over each chat comment) should be used to indicate if a comment contains personally identifiable information; When a chat event has finished and the data within it is no longer needed, the event contents are anonymised or expunged. We use an algorithmic approach to do this, as well as double-checking manually, but clicking the ‘flag’ button helps us locate any comments that should be removed.